The Power of Failure

By Guy Harriman
Published: May 01, 2013
Words: 46,772 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301761661

Short description

The Power of Failure is a set of thirteen insights into the spiritual journey of non-duality (Advaita Vedanta in yogic philosophy). Each chapter commences with a dharma (truth) talk about it’s theme, followed by a story to illustrate it, often in a humorous and indirect way. The whimsical stories illuminate the reader’s heart, unconscious mind and imagination with new and valuable insights.

Extended description

The Power of Failure is a handbook to amuse and hopefully provide service to those who are determined to be in truth and love as they search inside. The thirteen stories are drawn in part from the author’s travel experiences, and wry observations of people. Many of these types of characters come from all over the world to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. The author worked with some of them during his life as a chip designer in Silicon Valley, as well as a yoga teacher and energy worker in California and Thailand. The stories and their unique characters came to life on their own as they were being written. These characters may be larger than life in some ways, but they mirror back parts of ourselves we may recognize and empathize with. In laughing at their excesses, we also have an opportunity to laugh at ourselves, reducing the seemingly impossible task of transformation of the persona down to these few simple, joyful and effortless laughs. The magic of love and truth then can take care of the rest.
The most difficult, illusive and yet rewarding work we ever can undertake in our lives is our inner journey, where we travel inside our conscious context to find the light of love and truth. No one can do this work for us. If we think they can and we give our power away to them, as cult leader, authority figure, or romantic partner, we immediately lose ourselves, and disconnect from the authentic journey.
If we try to do our inner work using the intellect instead of the heart, we cannot reach the deeper truth of love, which is beyond dualistic thinking. The intellectual approach is also disruptive of the search for our personal inner truth, the truth of our souls.
The stories allow the reader to observe and easily learn from the manipulative and fear-based actions of some of the characters. The clear, accepting, and objective descriptions of the personalities also shows the loving and kind nature of ordinary people no matter where and when the live.
The author offers the thirteen chapters in The Power of Failure as an enjoyable, but serious and powerful excursion on your spiritual path, to shine a light of love and joy onto that perilous but necessary soul journey.
In a world culture obsessed with money, power, and external materialistic abundance, the Power of Failure shows us a different set of values which provides a gentle, safe, and contented way of life based on our inner world, the world of the heart and soul.


About guyharriman

Author of The Power of Failure, a spiritual ebook which integrates powerful messages about non-duality in an easy to understand way, and illustrated indirectly through funny and engaging stories filled with larger-than-life, but very human characters.
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